$$80.95In stockWheel Spacers & Adapters \ 5 Lug \ 5x5 (127mm)5500-5475B
4 - 5x5 (127) to 5x4.75 (120.65) wheel adapters 1.25in thick 12x1.5 studs5 Lug Wheel Adapter/Spacer
Lug Nut Guys4 - 5x5 (127) to 5x4.75 (120.65) wheel adapters 1.

Lug Nut Guys

4 - 5x5 (127) to 5x4.75 (120.65) wheel adapters 1.25in thick 12x1.5 studs

5 Lug Wheel Adapter/Spacer

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5x5 (127) to 5x4.75 (120.65) Wheel adapters

5x5 (127) to 5x4.75 (120.65) Wheel adapters

Converts 5x5 (127) vehicles to use 5x4.75 (120.65) wheels.

Please verify this is the correct application for your vehicle before ordering, we only guarantee you receive what is described above.
The installer assumes all responsibility to ensure the adapters are installed properly using the appropriate hardware. Adapters that have been mounted to a vehicle and/or wheels cannot be returned for exchange or refund. If you have any questions, or need assistance with your purchase, please ask.


Quantity: 4 NEW Premium Wheel Spacers and 20 Open End Lug Nuts
Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5x5 (127)
Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5x4.75 (120.65)
Thickness: 1.25in
Center Hub Bore: 78mm
Wheel Stud and Lug Thread: 12x1.5
Material: 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum

Converts 5x5 (127) vehicles to use 5x4.75 (120.65) wheels.

  • Bolt-On Wheel Spacers / Adapters
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • High Quality Class 12.9 Studs
  • Through-Hardened Steel Open End Lug Nuts - 3/4 Hex


Installation should only be performed by a trained professional.
Vehicle compatibility, if listed, is used to match the vehicle's bolt pattern with the adapter "vehicle bolt pattern" only.
You will need two sets of lugs nuts to use these adapters.
(1) One set of open end lugs to bolt the adapter to the vehicle. The vehicles factory lugs are not compatible.
(2) One set of the appropriate lug nut style with the "adapter stud thread size" listed above to bolt the wheel to the adapter.
These adapters are shipped with 12x1.5 open end lug nuts on the studs, you can use these to bolt the adapter to the vehicle if the thread size is correct for the vehicle.
Only approved lug nuts can be used to bolt the adapter to the vehicle, factory lug nuts cannot be used.
Lug nuts on the adapters and wheels must be properly torqued when installing.
Some vehicles may require modifications to make the adapters work properly.
Be aware that the studs on the vehicle cannot stick out past the face of the adapter, you may need to modify them by grinding/cutting/trimming.
If there are clips or retaining rings on the vehicle's studs they must be removed.


When will I receive my purchase: We ship using USPS Priority Flat Rate service from Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Charlotte. Delivery time is usually 2-4 days, but that is not guaranteed. Contact us if you need it faster.

Will these adapters fit my wheels: Most of our adapters are designed for use on aftermarket wheels, however they will work on some factory wheels. You will need to verify the bolt pattern of the vehicle and the wheel to determine the correct adapter application. Please ask us if you are unsure before ordering. Mistakes can be frustrating and costly.


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We offer a 30 day return policy on unused items.
Items sold with "Free Shipping" are subject to restocking fees.

We do our very best to accurately describe our items and we guarantee you receive what was listed.
We make no promise or guarantee that this item is compatible with your vehicle or wheels.
If you have any problems please contact us within 7 days of delivery.

Adapters that have been mounted to a vehicle and/or wheels cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Return Policy

Returns are accepted within 30 days of original purchase. Items must be new and unused in original packaging. Contact us for instructions prior to sending the items back, a return authorization is required. Items originally sold with "Free Shipping" are subject to restocking fees.

  • Lug Nuts 20%
  • Wheel Spacers/Adapters 15%
  • Wheels 20%
  • Tires 20%

Tires and/or wheels that have been mounted are not eligible for return.
McGard products cannot be returned if the original plastic packaging has been opened.