1/2-20 Black Bulge Acorn Lug NutsPACK OF 20 LUG NUTS
20 Black Bulge Acorn Lug Nuts 1/2 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Package Contains: 20 Lug Nuts Thread Size: 1/2-20 Finish: Black Hex/Wrench Size: 3/4' Ov
Lug Nut Guys20 Bulge Acorn 1/2 Black Lug Nut
20 Bulge Acorn 1/2 Black Lug Nut

Lug Nut Guys

1/2-20 Black Bulge Acorn Lug Nuts



ATTENTION: The compatibility guide is used to match the vehicle’s wheel stud thread size to the lug nut thread size only.

When purchasing lug nuts or wheel locks, verify this item is the correct thread size, seating surface (cone, shank, etc.), and style for your wheels. If you have any questions or need assistance with your purchase, please contact us.

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20 Black Bulge Acorn Lug Nuts 1/2

Package Contains: 20 Lug Nuts
Thread Size: 1/2-20
Finish: Black
Hex/Wrench Size: 3/4"
Overall Length: 1.38"
Overall Width: 0.91"
Seat Type: 60 Degree Conical
Construction: Through-Hardened Steel


  • This style of lug nut is generally used on aftermarket wheels with exposed lug nuts that require a standard size conical seat lug nut.
  • Does not work with factory wheels where the center cap or hub cap is held in place by the lug nut.
  • Finish color process: Two layers of nickel + one layer of opaque black chrome + one layer clear electrophoretic coating.
  • The finish is fairly durable but it can be damaged. Use care and only install/remove lug nuts by hand, never use air tools.
  • Item ships in non-retail bulk packaging.

Will these lug nuts fit my vehicle: Many of our products use a compatibility guide, you can check if your vehicle is listed. We use this tool to match the lug nuts to the vehicle's wheel studs only, it does not guarantee fit to the wheel. Please ask us if you have any questions.
Please note: Not all vehicles are listed. If you do not see your vehicle, send us an email, we are here to help.

Will these lug nuts fit my wheels: Most of our lug nuts are designed for use on aftermarket wheels; however they will work on some factory wheels. Please check the vehicle’s description as it may have notes regarding this.

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  • Wheels 20%
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Application List
ImageSKU / Part NoApplicationDetailStock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Ambassador (1960-1974)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors American (1960-1968)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors AMX (1968-1980)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Concord (1978-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Eagle (1980-1987)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Gremlin (1970-1978)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Hornet (1970-1977)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Javelin (1968-1974)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Marlin (1965-1967)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Matador (1971-1978)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Pacer (1975-1980)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Rambler (1960-1969)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Rebel (1960-1970)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Rogue (1966)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20American Motors Spirit (1979-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Buick Electra (1959-1984)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Buick LeSabre (1964-1990) - Estate WagonIn Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Buick LeSabre (1964-1990)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Buick Riviera (1963-1978)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Cadillac Brougham (1987-1990)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Cadillac Calais (1968-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Cadillac DeVille (1959-1985)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Cadillac Eldorado (1953-1978)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Cadillac Fleetwood (1965-1986)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Cadillac Seville (1977-1979)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chevrolet Astro (1985-2002)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chevrolet Bel Air (1971-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chevrolet Biscayne (1971-1972)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chevrolet Blazer (1971-1991)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chevrolet Caprice (1968-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chevrolet Impala (1971-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chevrolet Suburban (1971-1991)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chrysler Cordoba (1975-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chrysler Fifth Avenue (1983-1989)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chrysler Imperial (1981-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chrysler New Yorker (1971-1992) - Fifth AvenueIn Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Chrysler Newport (1971-1981)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Aspen (1976-1980)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Challenger (1971-1974)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Charger (1966-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Coronet (1965-1969)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge D100 Pickup (1971-1974)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge D150 (1979-1993)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Dakota (1987-2004)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Dart (1960-1964)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Dart (1971-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Diplomat (1977-1988)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Durango (1998-2003)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Mirada (1980-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Monaco (1971-1978)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Nitro (2007-2012)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Polara (1971-1973)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Ram 1500 (1994-2001)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge Ramcharger (1974-1992)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Dodge St. Regis (1979-1981)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Aerostar (1986-1997)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Bronco (1966-1996)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Bronco II (1984-1990)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Crown Victoria (1992-2011)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Custom (1965-1972)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford E-100 Econoline (1968-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford E-150 Econoline (1975-2006)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Edge (2007-2014)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Explorer (1991-2015)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2001-2010)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford F-100 (1975-1981)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford F-150 (1975-1996)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Fairlane (1955-1967)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Fairmont (1978-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Falcon (1960-1965)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Five Hundred (2005-2007)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Flex (2009-2015)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Freestar (2004-2007)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Freestyle (2005-2007)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Galaxie (1960-1967)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Granada (1975-1982)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford LTD Crown Victoria (1987-1991)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Maverick (1969-1977)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Mustang (1964-2014)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Pinto (1971-1980)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Ranchero (1957-1979)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Ranger (1983-2011)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Taurus (2008-2015)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Taurus (2010-2014) - SHOIn Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Taurus X (2008-2009)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Thunderbird (1955-1988)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Ford Torino (1968-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20GMC Jimmy (1971-1991)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20GMC Safari (1985-2002)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jaguar XJ (1991-2003)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jaguar XK8 (1997-2006)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jaguar XKR (2000-2006)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep Cherokee (1984-2003)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep CJ5 (1972-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep CJ7 (1976-1986)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep Commander (2006-2010)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep Grand Cherokee (1996-2010)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep Liberty (2002-2012)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep Wrangler (1987-2015)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep Wrangler (2007-2010) - RubiconIn Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Jeep Wrangler (2007-2010) - SaharaIn Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Aviator (2003-2005)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Continental (1940-1987)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Mark III (1968-1971)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Mark IV (1972-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Mark V (1977-1979)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Mark VI (1980-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Mark VII (1984-1992)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln MKS (2009-2015)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln MKT (2010-2015)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln MKX (2007-2015)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Town Car (1984-2011)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Lincoln Versailles (1977-1980)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mazda B2300 (1994-2009)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mazda B3000 (1994-2008)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mazda B4000 (1994-2009)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mazda Navajo (1991-1994)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Bobcat (1975-1980)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Capri (1978-1986)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Comet (1960-1977)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Cougar (1967-1988)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Cyclone (1963-1971)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Grand Marquis (1979-2011)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury LN7 (1982-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Lynx (1981-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Marauder (2003-2004)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Marquis (1967-1986)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Monarch (1975-1980)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Montclair (1960-1968)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Montego (1968-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Montego (2005-2007)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Monterey (1960-1974)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Mountaineer (1997-2010)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Sable (2008-2009)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Mercury Zephyr (1978-1983)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Oldsmobile 98 (1960-1984)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (1981-1990)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1977-1985)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Oldsmobile Toronado (1966-1978)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Barracuda (1971-1974)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Belvedere (1968-1971)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Duster (1971-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Fury (1957-1978)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth GTX (1971)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Roadrunner (1968-1975)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Satellite (1968-1974)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Trailduster (1974-1981)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Valiant (1971-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Plymouth Volare (1976-1980)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Pontiac Bonneville (1960-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Pontiac Bonneville (1977-1981)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Pontiac Catalina (1960-1976)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Pontiac Safari (1987-1988)In Stock
 CWA-5303SPBK-20Saab 900 (1979-1987)In Stock